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School Safes

Templeton Safes is both home and business owners' safe partner of choice and for good reason! Here at Templeton Safes, we house a variety of steel safes that can serve a wide range of purposes, all of them built with high reliability. Templeton Safes is proud to work with a variety of partners to bring their organizations to a greater level of safety and security, one of such partners being schools.

Our Collection of School Safes

Parents all over the country expect their children's schools to be uncompromising with safety and security, and safe storage is an essential part of security in any learning institution. Classrooms can benefit from having a safe for potentially dangerous materials such as medicines, scissors, and other hazards. Furthermore, exam boards worldwide are incredibly stringent when it comes to their rules on the handling of exam papers, including exam paper storage.

Our safes, such as the Templeton Safes Two Door Multi-User Depository Drop Safe with Electronic Locks & Segregated Drop Slots, T868, are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies, giving teaching and administration staff more reassurance throughout the school year.  Hundreds of school cafeteria and food service operators depend on Templeton Safes for the safekeeping of daily receipts, cash and important paperwork.

Our multi-user electronic keypad safes offer multiple levels of access rights, including individual user codes in addition to a Master Code, lockout and time delay modes, and Two User Authorization mode, which requires two separate users to enter codes to unlock the safe.

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

Here at Templeton Safes, we're confident in our ability to serve our clients through our exceptional safety and security products. Throughout our manufacturing process, only the highest quality components are used, while also leveraging the latest techniques and technologies to ensure prices are kept affordable. It's no wonder why thousands of users trust Templeton Safes with their valuables and their organizations.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our School Safes.

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