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Church, Temple and Religious Institution Safes

With precision, strength, and user-friendliness as our top priorities, Templeton Safes is proud to provide the latest products in safety and security. Our team is always working hard to improve and broaden the range of products we offer. We know our clients are counting on us to safeguard their valuables.

Our Collection of Church Safes

Many churches, temples and religious institutions deal with large amounts of cash donations from followers. This may make the church vulnerable to theft. Having a solid deposit drop safe can help to protect these cash donations from burglary, both internal and external. 

Our T866 Depository Drop Safe with U.L. Listed LG1777 Combination Lock safe is the perfect safe to store cash donations securely. There is sufficient space to store large bills and other deposit folders. The top drawer is separate from the safe’s main compartment, so church staff can easily place their collections through the deposit slot without gaining access to the locked storage.

For a simple but strong drop box safe, consider the T71 Wall Mounted Depository Drop Safe. This solid steel safe is small but secured against theft and tampering, and it is fishing and pry-proof.

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality safes. Nothing is more important than knowing that our client’s prized possessions and valuables are securely stored. Whether using it at home, for business or even at the church or temple, you can rest assured that you get the protection you require.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Church Safes.

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