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Gun Safe FAQ

Gun safes in the market are increasingly more advanced. If you’ve recently purchased a rifle & firearm safe from Templeton Safes to store your gun, you may be thinking about what to do to ensure the security of your gun. To find the answer to any question you may have about the purchase, setup, or upkeep of your safe, here’s a Gun Safe FAQ.

How Do I Position and Set Up My Safe?

You should anchor your safe once you've brought it home and selected a permanent position for it. All firearm safes must be mounted to the wall or floor using the enclosed hardware. By doing this, you can keep the safe from collapsing on your kids or pets, and doing this will also inhibit intruders from moving the safe.

If you have more questions about safe set-up, Templeton Safes' new interactive manual offers detailed instructions to further customize your safe.

What Environment Is Best to Store My Safe?

The optimal place for your safe to be kept is a cool, dry area. Use a dehumidifier if you intend to store your gun safe in a location with variable humidity or temperature levels. This will prevent your safe from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, which can cause it to corrode.

How Long will the Battery in My Safe's Electronic Lock Last?

You might be concerned about the battery life if your new safe includes an electronic lock. You can anticipate getting at least a year's worth of use out of your electronic lock under typical circumstances (opening your safe twice daily on average). As soon as the battery starts to deplete, you'll receive a warning signal so that you may replace it as soon as possible. Before replacement, the safe door should be open. If your battery dies completely, you can either replace it easily or use your key backup to open the safe.

Can I Change the Combination on My Lock?

If you have a safe with an electronic lock, you can alter the combination independently. Mechanical or dial locks require services from a dealer or locksmith to change the combination.

What to Do if My Lock Malfunctions?

Keep the door open and reach out to our US-based customer support department via live chat or email if your lock mechanism stops working. As long as your safe and lock are still covered by warranty, Templeton's customer care representatives can guide you through the repair procedure and help you in getting the safe back up and running.

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

Templeton Safes is proud to offer the latest in safety and security products manufactured with precision, strength, and ease of use as our top priorities. Our safes are designed and distributed from our headquarters in New York, and we are constantly improving our product features and selections. Check out the extensive collection of safes we have, made only with the highest quality components and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

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