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Safe Maintenance

If you’ve recently purchased a safe to store your personal belongings, or you’re looking to purchase one from us, you may be thinking about how to maintain it properly to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. While our safes are increasingly more advanced and made of durable material, regular maintenance and upkeep procedures can help you get the most out of your purchase.

Register Your Safe

Before setting up and carrying out the maintenance routine for your safe, you should register your safe with us. Registering your new safe not only ensures you can take advantage of the full product warranty, but also allows us to get in touch with you should there be any product recalls.

Maintain and Repair Your Safe

Some warning indications that your safe may require maintenance include:

  • The safe no longer closes or opens
  • It takes some effort to open the lock the first time
  • Over time, the combination you first set has shifted
  • When dialing the combination for the safe, odd noises are being made.
  • The combination dial is rigid, warped, unsteady, or springs back in the other direction.
  • The doors are challenging to open or close, or they feel rigid

In such cases, you should reach out to our US-based customer support team and we would be happy to assist you in ensuring your safe issue is properly addressed.

Schedule Safe Inspections Once a Year

Annual servicing is advised if your safe is heavily used, such as if you open and close it multiple times each day. However, even if you seldom open or close your safe, it is still recommended to get it serviced, albeit less frequently.

While a yearly inspection includes lubricating the lock and hinges and inspecting the springs for good operation, it also makes sure that the safe door closes smoothly to prevent situations when a speedy close is required. The technician can check all your security measures, including alarms, biometrics, access cards, and any digital records that track who opens the safe and when during this maintenance visit.

Most safes are sold with a warranty, so be sure to contact us to understand what is covered in the event a safe malfunction episode.

Lubricating the Locking Mechanism

Even with the correct code entered, a stuck safe that won't open is problematic. These occurrences frequently take place at the most inconvenient of times, such as when you need your rifle or shotgun, are in the middle of an emergency evacuation, or urgently need important corporate documents.

Once a year, lubricate the bottom and front sides of the lock's bolts with manufacturer-approved lubricant to keep safe locks operating smoothly. This keeps them from sticking and jamming. You might choose to leave this and the yearly servicing session to a qualified safe locksmith.

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

Templeton Safes is proud to offer the latest in safety and security products manufactured with precision, strength, dependability and ease of use as our top priorities. Our safes are designed and distributed from our headquarters in New York, and we are constantly improving our product features and selections. Check out the extensive range of safes we have, using the highest quality components and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

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