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Pharmacy Safes

Whether you use a Templeton safe at home or in a business, we offer you the security and safety you need. We carry a variety of sturdy steel safes in various sizes with a sleek finish that complements any environment while keeping your valuables safe.

Our Collection of Pharmacy Safes

Owners of pharmacies and other healthcare facilities and walk-in medical clinics may face concerns about the safe storage of medications, cash, documents and business records. Besides safeguarding them from burglary and robberies, securing them from internal theft is also essential.

Pharmacies and medical facilities may require space to keep their cash, receipts, and deposits at the night's end. A deposit safe where employees can drop cash collections will be ideal for such situations. The T862 Standard Depository Drop Safe with Multi-user Keypad and Key Backup (TM71) is a durable triple bolt safe with plenty of room for storing cash, receipts, and other important documents. At the end of their shifts, staff can conveniently drop the deposits into the drop drawer without accessing the rest of the contents. Its black textured finish makes it suitable for any retail or office space.

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

At Templeton Safes, we prioritize quality products and customer service. We take pride in offering the most cutting-edge security and safety products because thousands of users have relied on us to secure their cash and valuables. Our team constantly strives to enhance and diversify our products so we can continuously provide our customers with high-quality and functional safes.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Pharmacy, Medical Office, and Walk-In Clinic Safes.

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