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Jewelry Safes

Templeton Safes provide you with the security and safety you require, whether you use them at home or in the office. We offer a selection of tough steel safes in various sizes that perfectly suit your requirements. Our safes have modern designs and suit most residential or corporate environments.

Our Collection of Jewelry Safes

When securing your jewelry collection, there is no substitute for a high-quality safe. Jewelry is often expensive, and some might even be passed down for generations; it is priceless and hard to replace.

Suppose you are looking for home safes for your jewelry collection. In that case, consider our T901 Residential Home Office Safe with Electronic Easy-Program Multi-User Keypad and Keyed Backup, 6.1 CBF. Its sleek textured finish blends in with any home decor while protecting your jewelry from theft and tampering. The thick steel safe comes with a triple bolt locking mechanism, together with an anti-fishing deposit drawer, enough to deter potential burglars.

For a more discrete option, choose our In-Floor Concealed Depository Drop Safe with UL Listed Combination Dial Lock, T870, .89 CBF. It is designed to be stealthily installed into the floor, with the top cover on the floor level. This in-floor design offers the highest level of stealth security.

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch products to our customers. Through the years, thousands of users have relied on us to protect their valuables and jewelry, so we take this responsibility very seriously. In addition, we ensure quick and efficient assistance that ensures your safe is working as intended.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Jewelry Safes.

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