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Franchise and Quick Service Restaurant Safes

Owning and running a successful franchise or quick service restaurant can be a deeply rewarding career. However, to be a successful franchisee, you'll need to invest time and effort into making your franchise or QSR store loved by the community. One of the many investments you can make toward improving your franchise store's business is in a reliable safe like one of ours here at Templeton Safes.

Our Collection of Franchise Store Safes

As a retail business, your franchise store will need to uphold a certain level of safety and security to keep business going smoothly without incident. Retail businesses like franchise stores and restaurants can be vulnerable to theft, fire, and other risks when left unprotected. As a business owner, investing in a safe is the wise thing to do to keep your valuable essentials safe. Workplace theft costs business owners billions of dollars a year, and with a good safe, you don't have to fall victim to theft.

For franchise stores, we recommend our T867 Standard Depository Drop Safe with Multi-user Keypad and Additional Lock Box, which allows for multiple digital user codes, and allows a separate independent keyed lockbox for manager access.  This is perfect for a franchise store that requires multiple staff members to store bills, but also provide limited access to backup petty cash for management.

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

Templeton Safes is happy to work with business owners to create a safer, more productive work environment through our safes. We're heavily committed to serving our clients, which is why we have a US-based technical support department, dedicated to helping our customers get their safes up and running in no time! 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Franchise Store Safes.

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