Templeton Safes Two Door Multi-User Depository Drop Safe with Electronic Locks & Segregated Drop Slots, T868
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  • SUFFICIENT SPACE: Compact size of 16 x 20.25 x 28 inches - 197.6 lbs, this drop box provides a generous amount of space for storing large bills, cash deposit folders, small valuables, and much more. The drop drawer allows for end of shift staff to just drop their deposits in without accessing the rest of the contents. 
  • DURABLE: Each safe door has a triple bolt action secure system with three solid steel bolts. Each digital keypad will allow up to 5 different pin numbers for different users. Each safe comes with emergency back-up keys that should be stored in a safe place outside of the safe itself
  • SLEEK APPEARANCE: With the textured, black finish this safe will look good in any office, public space or retail environment 
  • PEACE OF MIND: This safe offers protection against robbery as well as internal theft, allowing quick deposits and secure storage for cash and other small valuables without actual access to the inside of the safe. Our US Based Technical Support Team is here to make sure your safe operates trouble free for years to come!
  • DIGITAL COMBINATION LOCK: Allowing up to 6 different digital user codes per lock, this safe is perfect for offices and small businesses that may have multiple key holders or managers that need access, giving each their own individual codes 
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