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Retail Safes

Templeton Safes understands the importance of implementing security solutions in any business environment, including retail stores. Business owners are always required to protect their assets, due to the constant threat of burglary, robbery, and even internal workplace theft. Thankfully, here at Templeton Safes, we offer retail safes for business owners who want their businesses to become more secure.

Our Collection of Retail Safes

While running a retail store is a fulfilling career, robberies or workplace theft can put your business at financial risk. As a retail business owner, you can mitigate such risks by investing in a retail safe for your store.

Safes such as our T865 Large Depository Drop Safe with Multi-user Keypad and Key Backup are an ideal choice for retail businesses because of their unique capabilities. For example, a digital combination lock with various unique digital user codes (up to 6) is the perfect feature for retail business operations, because of the rotating shift schedules your staff members work on.

 Thanks to our safe's unique locking mechanisms, you'll never have to worry about tampering or theft.  The drop slots allow employees to easily drop their papers and currently without having access to the contents of the safe. 

Additional features like Lockout Mode, Time Delay mode and Dual User mode make our safes the most versatile lockboxes in the industry!

Why Choose Templeton Safes?

We at Templeton Safes are trusted by thousands of users nationwide to secure their treasured possessions, and we plan to serve our customers in the Templeton Safes family for years to come. We provide high-value, quality-assured safes for our clients of various backgrounds, as well as speedy and compassionate customer service through our US-based technical support department.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Retail Safes.

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