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Home Security Safe: What You Can & Can’t Store In It

Ever thought of storing valuables in a security safe but are you unsure of what you can & can’t store in it? Fret not, we’vegot your back. Burglars know all to wellthat many important valuables, including gadgets and files, are stored by homeowners, making homes a target for break ins. These can cost you enormous sums of money and can result in the loss of irreplaceable items including private information, mementos, and personal data. To prevent this possibility, homeowners need to protect their valuables by investing in a home security safe. Here are some items that you can and can’t store in it.


A compact device like a MacBook can be readily stored in a roomy floor safe. Although a laptop is affordable, its internal components hold worth. These include your private data, passwords, files, surfing histories, and anything work-related. No one wants these to end up in the wrong trap!

Important Cards

These tiny plastic items are incredibly susceptible to theft and misuse. Be it your credit, debit cards, or identification cards, many cards hold essential individual data that are a hassle to be replaced.


In addition to its cost during replacement, it would be exceedingly foolish to let a personal document containing sensitive information end up in the wrong person's possession. Given their size and value, passports serve as a perfect illustration of the purpose of safes. In addition, on those hectic mornings before a family vacation, it's always a good idea to know exactly where your passport is.

Here are the things that you are not recommended to store in a safe:

Vehicle Batteries

Many people store their vehicle batteries in their safe as it fits and it is easy for them to remember where they are kept. This would be foolish because if a battery leaks, everything else in your safe will be destroyed.


While it is unquestionably ideal to keep some medications out of the reach of youngsters, there are several that are probably best kept on hand at all times. Lock up your painkillers, but leave items like EpiPens, which you might require in case of a serious allergic response, unlocked, but still out of reach of children

Fire Extinguishers

Keeping them secure makes sense because they can be pricey, crucial, and require constant maintenance and for them to be in pristine condition. Extinguishers should be placed in a convenient location as well. It's useless if your home burns down and you are left with nothing but the fire extinguisher that was stored in perfect condition in asafe.

Choose Templeton Safes Right Now!

The key priorities for Templeton Safes when offering the newest safety and security products are usability, strength, and precision. Our team is constantly working to enhance and expand our selection of items. Our safes are designed and shipped out of our New York headquarters, and they are available all over the US. Customers who want to ensure that their safes are operating as dependably and reliably as possible and retain that functionality can get timely, friendly assistance from our technical support team. Contact us today!

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