How Templeton Safes Can Help Improve Security in Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers are designed to provide prompt medical attention for people with non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries. These facilities are open during extended hours, seven days a week, and are often located in high-traffic areas for easy access. Due to their convenience and accessibility, urgent care centers have become increasingly popular, serving millions of patients annually. However, with the high number of...

The Importance of Security in Clinics and Doctor's Offices: Templeton Safes Tips

In the world of healthcare, ensuring the safety and security of patients and employees is crucial. This is particularly true in clinics and doctor's offices, where sensitive patient information is stored and valuable assets are present. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of security in clinics and doctor's offices, and provide valuable tips from Templeton Safes to improve your...

Home Security Safe: What You Can & Can’t Store In It

Ever thought of storing valuables in a security safe but are you unsure of what you can & can’t store in it? Fret not, we’vegot your back. Burglars know all to wellthat many important valuables, including gadgets and files, are stored by homeowners, making homes a target for break ins.

5 Benefits Of Using A Safe For Your School

We don’t want school staff having to waste time dealing with deposits and safekeeping of goods. In the past before the installation of a school safe box, it was difficult for personnel to keep track of each cash transaction, causing poor management and turmoil within the facility.

What To Look For When Buying Office Safe?

Are you hesitant to leave confidential documents on your desk? Do you have sensitive information or valuable items in the office?  Then, office safes are an excellent way to help you feel more secure at work.

What Is A Drop Safe, And Do You Need One?

For businesses that handle large amounts of cash, valuable items, and sensitive documents, security is of the utmost importance. A drop safe can provide additional security for these types of items.

Security Safes: How Safe Are They?

When it comes to our valuables, some may be hard to replace or even irreplaceable. It can be frustrating to lose a passport, a piece of jewelry, business documents, and money.