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Pros & Cons of Bringing a Safe to Your College Dorm

Are you entering your college dorm soon and are wondering if you should bring a safe with you? After all, safes are definitely beneficial, but should you really be bringing them to college?

If this question has been on your mind, do not worry, this article will explore this topic. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of bringing a safe to your college dorm.

What are the Pros of Bringing a Safe to Your College Dorm?

First, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy from bringing a safe to your college dorm. Having a safe in your college dorm enables you to protect your pricey and personal belongings. And this means even if you have a new dorm mate, you will never need to worry about any of your things “accidentally” getting lost.

At the same time, dorm rooms make it simple to conceal safes so it provides an additional layer of security. While safes come in many sizes, you can pick a smaller-sized one for your room. Not only are they more accessible and reasonably priced, but their small size can also allow you to conceal them in your dorm room.

For instance, you can fit them under your bed or in a closet behind some clothing. With that said, safes are perfect for storing tiny electronic devices, passports, and other private goods that you might not want to leave lying around. Not having to worry about your valuables allows your mind to stay focuses on your studies.

What are the Cons of Bringing a Safe to Your College Dorm?

Nonetheless, nothing is perfect, not even in the case of bringing a safe to your college dorm. Unfortunately, there are a couple of cons to doing so. Depending on the safe you select, they can be rather pricey. And for a student going to a college dorm, the costs may be too expensive for your budget, or simply may not be the best financial choice to make. At the same time, even if you were to pick a smaller and cheaper safe for your dorm, there is no assurance that your possessions are secure because portable safes are simple to take. And worse of all, if you were to bring a safe to your college dorm, you could create the appearance that you think other pupils are thieves.

However, you can overcome this issue by properly hiding your safe. As mentioned previously, small safes are generally easy to conceal so this may not be that big of an issue. And in terms of costs, all you have to do is to find an affordable and reliable brand for safes. For instance, you may opt for a safe from Templeton Safes. The T864 Small Depository Drop Safe, for example, goes for $249.99.

While $250 might still seem like a big investment to some, it is actually a much better choice than losing your valuables and having to spend time and money later on to recover them.

Enjoying peace of mind with a secure electronic safe is a priceless experience. Not to mention, their depository compact drop-safe feature provides an additional layer of security and protection.

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