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How Much Does A Personal Home Safe Cost?

Are you planning to get a personal home safe but are worried about the costs? After all, there are many kinds of personal home safes on the market, and their prices can differ a lot. In fact, the most expensive safe is Döttling’s Narcissus which costs an astonishing $336,000. Of course, most safes are not that expensive, but how much do they really cost? Not to worry, read on as we explore all about the costs of personal home safes.

What is the Price of a Small Safe?

Small safes typically refer to safes that are around the size of a microwave oven. such small safes with no fire rating typically cost between $100 to $400. Those with fire ratings, on the other hand, are more expensive and average out about $300 to $700. Of course, the cost will depend on the size, lock type, and fire rating of the small safe in question.

The price of small, transportable safes is reasonable given the amount of security they provide. These compact safes are widely accessible at any office supply store and come in a variety of sizes. The majority of them contain a straightforward cam lock that secures your valuables with a single-point locking mechanism.

What is the Price of a Larger Home Safe?

What about larger-sized safes? How much would they cost? As compared to small safes, they have a higher price tag, and they can range in price from $300 to over $3,000. This higher cost is mostly influenced by production, size, as well as the features they offer. At the same time, the costs also depend on the type of lock type and branding. With that said, there are also cheaper alternatives but they often do not offer the high-quality and reliable of pricier safes.

One such example of a great Residential Safe is the Large Depository Drop Safe.  At an extremely affordable $449.99, you can rest assured that all your belongings and precious valuables can be kept well-protected in this large and durable safe. With a digital multi-user combination lock, you enjoy peace of mind, safety, and added convenience. In fact, Templeton depository safes offer rapid deposits and secure storage for cash and other valuables without requiring physical entry to the safe's inside. They are made to prevent both internal theft and robbery.

What is the Price of a Big High-Security Safe?

Super High Security Safes  also have several additional features that make them very hard to get into. Such big burglary-rated safes can range in price from $2600 to $11,000 or more. Due to the hefty construction for these types of big high-security safes, the price increases dramatically as the safe becomes larger, and the safe's size is the primary factor in the huge safe's total cost.

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