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4 Benefits Of Having A Drop Safe For Convenience Stores

Ever thought of getting a drop safe for your convenience store? You came to the right place! Also known as a depository safe, It is a safe designed to store your cash, checks, and other small valuable items. They allow you to store your valuables by dropping them in an opening—located either at the top or the front. By doing this, you get to secure your money and other valuable items without having to open your safe. Keep on reading to find out the benefits of having a drop safe for convenience stores!

Reduced Handling of Cash

A drop safe enables your cashiers and other employees to deposit cash and small valuables at the end of their shifts without having to handle the money physically. They can simply drop them into the drop slot or the chute of the safe and then lock it after. This prevents any risk of employee theft.

Heavy Duty Security

Aside from its distinguishable feature, drop safes are made with durable materials that are hard to break. They are also equipped with an advanced locking mechanism that keeps your contents secured. Additionally, drop safes may have a time-lock feature that can only be opened at certain times throughout the day.

Enhanced Organization

These safes often have compartments or trays that will help you organize and classify cash and other valuables. This allows you to keep track of your belongings thus preventing any errors. For instance, you may store your cash in one compartment, another for checks, and another for small valuables. With this, your items will not be mixed up, and make it easier for you to count and further organize.

You Get to Choose!

Just like any other safes, there are different types of drop safes that you can choose from. Drop safes have their own locking mechanism that may be different from other safes. For example, some may need two keys to unlock. Here are some examples of different drop safes:

  • Simple front or a top loading safe: the traditional drop safe where you just simply drop your valuable items into the chute or drop slot.
  • Rotary drop safe: it has a rotating drum or hopper, and it allows cash and other valuables to be deposited by rotating it into the main compartment of the safe.
  • Capsule drop safe: usually linked to underground safes, you get to store your cash and other valuable items inside a capsule and deposit it through the safe’s chute.


Are you still wondering if you should invest in a drop safe for your convenience store? A drop safe can give you and your employees peace of mind and security. At the same time, it helps you track accurate financial records. By investing in a drop safe, you are protecting your convenience store against theft and even loss of cash. Always remember that a drop safe makes it way easier for you to manage your cash flow. If you still need more convincing, don’t hesitate to contact us at Templeton Safes and we will provide you with more information on drop safes. 

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